Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

We have a busy 2017 ahead of us here at The Steamboat, with some scrumptious new dishes coming to our menu. We’ll be bringing back the deep filled, locally made pies to see you through the cold winter months and there will be some new dishes like homemade, slow cooked spicy beans on toast!

We will have loads more amazing new beers and ciders from all over the UK and of cause all of the local favourites from Suffolk and the rest of East Anglia. To go with all of those great beers we have our new, delicious meaty bar snacks from the guys at Cleaver & Keg! These little bags of meaty snacks such as hot & spicy strips of beef, Chorizo cuts and Salami cuts are top quality cuts British beef and pork flavoured with herbs, spices and chilli. Believe they go perfectly with a well hopped IPA, rich porters or even a large glass red wine like our Rioja or Montepulciano!

We might not have many gigs during January but on the 14th we have what promises to be a great night of Punk with four great bands lined up to blow the roof off! Keep an eye out in the pub, on our website and on Facebook for upcoming gigs.

There is a change to the Wax on the Waterfront schedule. Wax will now be running every 2 months starting on Sunday 5th February, 6-9pm with the usual late night specials featuring bands, DJ’s and few surprises throughout the year!

We have some exciting new plans in place for the pub this year! We’ll keep you updated as we go but rest assured we’ll still be doing the same things, bringing you new and tasty treats, great bands and epic gig nights just in slightly different surroundings!! Watch this space!!

But for now, a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of our wonderful customers old and new! We hope to see you soon!

Cheers, The Steamboat crew!